Al Ain Zoo celebrates World Environment Day

AL AIN, June 5, 2023 — Al Ain Zoo highlighted some of its efforts to conserve nature and preserve wildlife, and held a special event at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre in celebration of World Environment Day. This day is celebrated every year on June 5.

The first achievement of the Zoo is the creation of its own natural reserve to protect and breed the Arabian Oryx. The Zoo has also launched other programmes, such as the Arabian Sand Cat Breeding Programme and the Dama Gazelle Conservation Strategy.

The Zoo, in an effort to create a positive impact on environmental awareness and the preservation of nature, will be holding a World Environment Day event at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre titled “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The event aims to inform all Zoo Staff of the dangers of plastics, and how they threaten nature and wildlife.

A documentary titled “Natural Life Abu Dhabi – Al Dhafra Turtles” will be shown at the event. The event will also feature a documentary presentation entitled “Natural Life in Abu Dhabi – Al Dhafra Turtles”. To show appreciation for all those who attend, reusable metal bottles will be given out as an incentive to stop using disposable water bottles.

Also featured was a documentary entitled “Drowning in Plastic”. The workshops included plastic identification codes, waste classification and recycling and other environmental awareness topics. The Zoo provided reusable metal bottles to visitors and Zoo staff in order to encourage them not to use disposable plastic bottles, but to switch to more sustainable materials.

As of August 2022 the Zoo has been able to recycle 3761kg paper, 480kg plastics, 170kg ink cartridges and 5kg metal containers.

By using recycled materials to create new products, the Zoo has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. This resulted in 391 million thermal units of energy being saved, as well as 117 cubic meters landfill space, 232 tree stumps, and 1810 gallons fuel.

Al Ain Zoo strives to educate its public, particularly the UAE youth, as well as its employees on the importance of protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife. This is done by organizing environmental events, awareness-raising workshops, camps and more.

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