Sharjah’s Ruler Attends Opening of “Children’s Care Conference”

SHARJAH, 4th June, 2023 (WAM) – H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi is the Supreme Council Member of Sharjah and the Ruler. He praised the efforts made by the multi-sectoral UNESCO Regional Office for the Arab Countries, as well as their initiatives to help children in the Arab World.

The opening ceremony for the Regional Early Childhood Care and Education Conference for the Arab States was held this morning, Sunday, at the Sharjah Education Academy, in the presence his wife Sheikha Jahmaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi. The conference is organised by UNESCO in partnership with local and federal authorities.

Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al-Qasimi gave a speech where she welcomed all the participants to the Emirate Sharjah which is child friendly and an incubator for children’s talent and skills. She stressed that the hosting of The Regional Early Childhood Care and Education Conference of The Arab States at Sharjah was an affirmation of Sharjah’s role as an ideal platform that hosts events and conferences which promote the concept and safety of child care and secure them in a world that is constantly changing.

According to her, “The first year of a child’s life is crucial in defining their identity. It begins with the ability to walk, and then develops into forming friendships and relationships with peers until they reach their independence.” Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi is the Supreme Council Member of Sharjah and Ruler. He attaches great importance to all aspects of raising a child, including preserving his mental and physical health and protecting his rights as a prominent individual in society. “Children are at the heart of the community in the Emirate Sharjah and their care is a constant and unquestionable priority.”

The Chairperson for the Supreme Council for Family Affairs spoke of her personal initiative for the children. She said, “My first step in participating in the community-development process in Sharjah was to develop the skills of children in “childhood centers” and “Sharjah Girls Clubs”, as these centres offered creative spaces where children could practice their hobbies, discover themselves, and get to meet other children who share the same hobbies. With the blessings of H.H. With the generous blessing of H.H.

Sheikha Jawaher spoke about the Emirate’s Sharjah experiences that empowered and helped build the personality of children, as well as the goals they set. She said, “We do not limit ourselves to the experiences of other people, but we go further to achieve deeper dimensions and greater goals.” Sharjah has been a leader in encouraging children to take up the parliamentary path from an early age and invest their growing leadership skills into the “Sharjah Child’s Shura council” experience since 1997. The child is given the opportunity to run for membership and set his own goals, allowing him to achieve a seat on the council.

In this way, the Emirate Sharjah is unique in that it instils a sense belonging to the homeland in children and allows them to share their ideas with their peers. It also gives them a chance to learn about democratic decision-making by asking questions, making interventions, and coming up recommendations in support of the slogan for each session. The current session of the parliamentary body, 2022-2024, was launched under the slogan: “A quarter of a century of excellence in parliamentary work”. The 300 children from Rubu’ Qarn affiliate centres and schools in the emirate who wanted to run were a great success. It is clear that this prestigious experience has been a success, and the young generation of Rubu’ Qarn centres and all schools in the emirate are now full of energy and human potential to be the best ambassadors for their country, people, and culture.

We have not forgotten to focus on the most important aspect of Sharjah’s experience in child care – providing a safe and healthy environment for him under all circumstances. In anticipation of this, we launched a “Child Safety” campaign to educate new parents about the importance to purchase a car seat that is appropriate for their child in order to ensure his safety on the road. The success of the awareness campaign led us to direct the continuation of “Child Safety”, a department under the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. We also expanded the department’s scope to include the protection of children against any dangers that could affect their health or lives.

The Chairperson for the Supreme Council for Family Affairs expressed pride in the model that the Emirate Sharjah presented in the field child care at all stages of life. She noted that the choice of Sharjah to host this conference shows high confidence and competency to represent an effective leadership role in this area, which is now an approach.

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