SEDD completes its ‘Leaders Programme.’

SHARJAH, June 4, 2023, (WAM) – The “Leaders Programme”, which it had organised and in which 24 heads of sections and divisions took part, has been concluded by the Sharjah Economic Development Department.

The program is part of SEDD’s strategy to help employees develop their leadership skills and prepare them for the challenges and obstacles they will face as managers in future.

Plan for the implementation of the programme included eleven training programmes which were implemented over a three-month period. The agenda of the programme included a number of training programs, orientation, application of topics covered, personal guidance and submitting projects.

Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi (SEDD Chairman) commented on this and stressed the importance of such programmes because they improve the skills of employees at different supervisory levels and administrative levels within the Department.

He said that this is possible by providing employees with knowledge and skills to lead successful work, developing abilities to create a system for institutional development and raising the efficiency of leaders as an ideal model to follow.

The announcement was made at the end of the SEDD Headquarter programme, one of several training programs organised in cooperation with the best training institutions of the country.

Abdullah Al Mahmoud Director of Support Services Department, SEDD, illustrated the Department’s desire, through its Strategic Plan, to build an innovative, creative, and human cadre that is knowledgeable in all modern sciences.

He said that this would allow him to stay abreast of future global developments, which will support the sustainability and growth of the knowledge-based economy.

Al Mahmoud also stressed the importance of employees developing their skills and abilities to prepare them for the next phase by learning new terminologies and knowledge. He clarified, most likely, that the “Leaders Programme”, included SEDD Heads and Leaders visiting the participants to impart leadership skills and provide practical experience.

He said that Saeed Bin Ghanem Al-Suwaidi was one of the main figures in the program, and he had been invited to be a leader in order to benefit from his expertise and experience by sharing it with the participants. He talked about the experiences he had and his desire to improve in each position he held.

He gave employees many valuable tips on how to succeed and spoke about his leadership qualities and role in motivating people to success.

Participants confirmed that the program contributed significantly to their development as they benefitted from all that was presented at the various stages of the programme. These things included teaching them how to work together in teams, to distribute tasks and to understand the importance of each role.

It also included the development of leadership skills and professional competences in line with global best practices.

They also praised the Department for its efforts to implement training programs which would enhance the scientific and practical abilities of the employees.

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