UAE Attorney General: All UAE institutions are committed to protecting constitutional and legal rights of residents, citizens & visitors.

ABU DHABI 3rd, June 2023 (WAM). Dr. Hamad Sif Al Shamsi has stated that all UAE institutions are committed in respecting and protecting constitutional and legal rights for every resident, citizen and visitor to the UAE.

In a press release issued today, the UAE Attorney General said that all security agencies and entities in the UAE carry out their operations in accordance with UAE law and under the supervision and control of the Public Prosecution, which is the representative of the society. This includes monitoring and recording conversations, telephones, and correspondences when there are signs of a breach of the law. These measures can only be carried out after the approval of the Attorney General.

Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that these procedures were carried out under the supervision of the competent judiciary authority and in accordance with the laws and Constitution.

He said that any violations of the applicable rules during their enforcement will result in severe punishment and accountability, in order to protect individuals’ rights and freedoms in the UAE.

Hatem Mohamed/ Amjad Saleh

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