UAE Press: The coronation of King Charles is a moment for continuity and change

A local paper has stated that King Charles III’s coronation tomorrow will be a world-wide event.

The National’s editorial said that the ceremony held at Westminster Abbey in London, although it was largely symbolic of a country with an extensive history of parliamentary governance, is of great significance and combines both continuity and change.

Along with millions of other people, the British will be witnessing the dawn of a brand new era. During the extraordinary, decade-long apprenticeship of the king as heir to throne, the UK has experienced profound social, economic and political change. His mother, Queen Elizabeth, was crowned as Britain’s monarch 70 years ago. The country was still a vast imperial power, navigating a Cold War-era world, and had a much smaller population.

The editorial noted that climate change is a serious issue, and noted that “the new monarch of the country has been a strong advocate for environmentalism and conservation over many years.” The long-standing interest of King Charles in the natural environment seems prophetic now, considering the threats that our impact on the world poses.

The king has been to the Middle East and in particular the UAE many times. Since his first visit in 1989 as a young prince, he’s developed strong relationships with the leaders of the UAE. His personal ties with the UAE go hand-in-hand with the UK’s historic legacy and ties within the Gulf.

The newspaper continued: “The UAE also has tens and thousands of British citizens.” It is clear that this is a strong relationship, and one which will continue in the future.

“At home in Britain, the monarchy appears to be secure, despite negative press that has surrounded some of its members over recent years. This could be a source for stability in a country which has undergone so many changes. King Charles’ genuine interest in religious tolerance may help to set a tolerant mood for the UK’s ongoing national conversation.

The Abu Dhabi daily concluded with the statement: “Britain writes a new chapter in its national history.” After the ceremony on Saturday, Britain will return to the challenges of a divided and anxious world. “But continuity is important, and many people will wish the British monarch luck as he assumes the heavy responsibility of serving as the figurehead of a nation that is both rooted in its tradition and looking towards the future.”

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