Saudi Arabia will host the GCC Health Ministers Consultative Meeting on Saturday

RIYADH 5th May 2023 (WAM). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting the Consultative Meeting of the Ministers of Health of the Gulf Cooperation Council for Arab States next Saturday in AlUla.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports that the meeting, which was chaired Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al Sabti of Oman’s Ministry of Health, aimed to improve the integration of health care and cooperation among GCC nations in regional and international healthcare and prevention fields.

Participants will discuss how to coordinate efforts between GCC states in the health sector and the challenges they face when it comes to ensuring the security of health among these countries.

Ministers will discuss ways to enhance the participation and complementarity of the states that make up the Council in the system for health in order to reach the desired health levels and face various health emergencies.

The meeting will also review the developments in many health-related issues, such as the impact of the Sudanese Crisis on health and humanitarian aspects.

The GCC leaders’ orientations are reflected in this consultative meeting, which aims to achieve the aspirations of the GCC nations and their desired goals for enhancing the health security of countries within the region.

Ahlam Almazrooi/ Esraa Esmail

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