Mohammed bin Rashid: Unifying Armed Forces is as important as the founding fathers’ decision to create Union

ABU DHABI 5th May 2023 (WAM). His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Primer and Ruler Dubai has stressed the importance of the decision to unite the UAE Armed Forces. He stated that the decision of the Founding fathers to establish the Union was equally important.

In his address to “Nation Shield”, UAE’s military magazine, on the occasion the 47th Armed Forces Unification Day Sheikh Mohammed highlighted that the decision of unifying the Armed Forces has fostered and strengthened the Union’s foundations. He also noted that “the Union could not have developed, advanced and maintained its sovereignty without defending the nation’s borders.”

The UAE Armed Forces have also made a significant contribution to the security and stability of the Emiratis.

Sheikh Mohammed acknowledged the importance of their role and their dedication in serving the nation.

The full text of His highness’s speech is below:

Peace, mercy and blessings to you all.

In the name Allah Almighty. Our brave Armed Forces officers and soldiers. Please, dear sons and daughters of the UAE.

On this historic day, I salute you and congratulate your unification of the UAE Armed Forces. I acknowledge and respect the founders and rulers of our nation, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and their late brother, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, for the decision to unify the nation and consolidate its development.

The decision to unite the Armed Forces has the same importance as the decision of the Founding Fathers to create the Union. This decision is essential to the Union’s pillars. The Union could not have developed, maintained and advanced its sovereignty. Without Armed Forces capable of defending and protecting the country’s border during difficult times, our people wouldn’t have enjoyed stability and security.

The 6th of May 1976 decision will be remembered as a significant moment in our history. We affirmed the Union, and created a home for Emirati identity. It also served as a shield to protect our country and people.

After 47 years, this decision is still relevant. It was through this decision that the efforts to build up our Armed Forces were launched under a vision of wise leaders, precise planning and efficient execution, as well as the determination of our soldiers. The journey culminated with a remarkable achievement, which is reflected in the capabilities, efficiency, readiness, and effectiveness of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces, through their triumphant journey, have strengthened the foundations of our Emirati Model, proving development and progress go hand in hand. The UAE Armed Forces set an ambitious goal to Emiratize all their ranks in a certain timeframe. The UAE Armed Forces have been successful in achieving their goal. They created a model for training and qualifying the national cadres through National Service, which is cognitively, scientifically and practically oriented.

Our Armed Forces are adapting well to the constant changes in defence and security. The Armed Forces have also entered into the age of information and communication revolution in order to master the language and use of applications within all of their military and administrative branches.

In the past two and a half years, a decision was made to develop advanced defence industries. This added to our self-sufficiency, met the critical needs for arming our Armed Forces and helped improve the cognitive and scientific skills of our youth. It also supported plans to localise the advanced technologies and expanded and diversified our economy.

Defence industries are and will continue to be a major driver for the advancement of nations, societies, and science. They have also become crucial in ensuring the advancement of our country by creating administrative and scientific resources.

Our defence industries are now mature and globally recognized. They can compete on the land, air and sea weapons markets, with products that use the most advanced technologies, and are comparable to the best of the world in terms of quality and effectiveness.

To our officers, soldiers and other military personnel. To all of our citizens.

The defensive capability of our country is a result of our commitment and approach to provide the necessary factors and assurances to ensure the highest level of protection, safety and security for our homeland, our people, and our achievements.

Our country, which believes in the importance to promote peace worldwide, has realised that it is possible to avoid war by being prepared and anticipating possibilities. This is especially true as we live in an area full of conflicts, challenges, and threats caused by the competition and rivalry between major countries, pandemic risks, such as COVID-19 spreading, and natural catastrophes due global warming.

Dear officers and soldier. You have earned the respect of everyone with your loyalty, courage and dedication to your military oath.

Your service in the international peacekeeping forces, or relief operations for those affected by natural catastrophes, has shown your value. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all officers and soldiers in the Armed Forces and security agencies as well as to future generations.

Your exemplary achievements have helped our country prosper, our weapons gained momentum, and our flags flown high.

Today, I remember with you our brave martyrs – your colleagues who gave their lives to protect truth and justice and defend our homeland. Their patience and their steadfast families are also worthy of my gratitude. They represent the best examples of patriotism, good citizenship and sincere patriotism.

I salute, congratulate, and thank my brother, President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. May Allah Almighty protect and honor him for his pioneering work in the advancement of the Armed Forces of UAE and the defence industries. “I also congratulate all my children, my dear people, my brothers and the Supreme Council members and Rulers in the Emirates.”

Mohamed Aamir

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