Fujairah ruler: UAE army is a source for pride and unity in the nation

FUJAIRAH, 5th May, 2023 (WAM) — H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi (Supreme Council Member and Ruler Fujairah) marked the 47th anniversary Armed Forces Unification Day by issuing a statement that highlighted the pride the UAE army brings to its nation.

Sheikh Hamad, in a speech marking the 47th Armed Forces Unification Day praised the courage of the men from the UAE. He said that they had proven their ability defend the UAE and sacrifice what was precious to maintain safety and security.

The Fujairah ruler added: “Today, 47 years after the formation of our brave Armed Forces our country is steadfast in its principles of justice and equality and has gained global recognition as an established and stable nation. Our wise leaders, military might and courage of our men deserve credit. The army has proven its ability to fulfill its obligations and protect our nation through the sacrifice of valuable resources.

Sheikh Hamad also recalled the extraordinary heroism and sacrifice of the UAE martyrs, who gave their lives to protect the land, support the people and uphold the legitimacy of the UAE. They wrote the most magnificent human epitaphs of sacrifice and giving. He asked Allah Almighty for mercy and to maintain safety and security in the UAE.

The Fujairah ruler concluded: “On this occasion of honour, we extend our sincere congratulations to the President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Supreme Commandant of the UAE Armed Forces, Vice Presidents, Their Highnesses, the Supreme Council members and Rulers, and citizens of the UAE.

“We reaffirm that we have unwavering confidence in our Armed Forces and army. We are also proud of our brave soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our beloved country. May Allah continue to bless UAE with safety, security and peace.

Esraa Esmail/ Rola AlGhoul

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