UAE launches summit on Artificial Intelligence – “Machines can See”

DUBAI, May 4, 2023, (WAM). The UAE government has launched the Machines Can See 2023 Summit, which is one of the most important international conferences on Artificial Intelligence in the region. It will be held at the Museum of the Future, Dubai in partnership with the Artificial Intelligence Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office, as well as the Machines Can See company.

The Summit will bring together a wide range of experts from all over the world to discuss the future of AI, and to visualise this city as an area with the ability to imagine, envision and make things real. This will help the UAE to win the race to create the next Silicon Valley.

Omar Sultan Al Olama – Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications – commented on the event. He said that the UAE had established itself as the leading hub for conferences in technological and future-oriented fields. It also serves as a global platform that brings together experts, academics, and decision-makers in these fields. This allows for positive changes and societal transformations that are based on UAE’s vision.

Al Olama also stated that the hosting of international conferences in the UAE focused on the future sectors demonstrates the government’s dedication to accelerating plans for the digital transformation. By holding meaningful discussions on the rapid technological changes and developments in artificial intelligence, the UAE will be able to create new opportunities for ideas and projects, which will enhance its leadership, and contribute towards achieving the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2030.

The experts discussed the future of Artificial intelligence (AI) in UAE and the potential for it to become the new Silicon Valley at a panel at the Machines Can See 2023 summit.

In exploring the seamless potentials of AI, policymakers in the public sector, business, and academia have opined the UAE is quickly transforming its visions, and solidifying its status as a global hub for advanced technologies, especially in AI.

We are honored to host the “Machines Can See 2023” summit in partnership the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, Remote Work Applications Office. The name “” reflects the UAE’s support for innovation and AI progress for humanity. “We brought some of the most brilliant minds in the world to the Museum of the Future and shared their visions and knowledge,” Alexander Khanin said, founder and director of Polynome which organized the summit.

“All cities in the world strive to be the next Silicon Valley.” To become the next Silicon Valley, cities must consider all the factors that contribute to the innovation eco-system: talent, capital and private sector involvement, as well as commercialisation,” Sharif El-Badawi said during the discussion.

El-Badawi elaborated on what else it would take to make the UAE a Silicon Valley. “It’s possible by finding a commercialisation way for research and innovation in science and tech to create an ecosystem that is similar to Silicon Valley.” El-Badawi said that the government, academics, and corporations all play a role in creating favourable conditions for innovation.

“After attracting talent in the UAE, the country is now on a journey to perfect knowledge creation and build technical capabilities. The nation is experiencing a new wave. “Our efforts will unlock Dubai’s potential to create value-add track for technologists in the region,” said El-Badawi.

Khalifa alQama is Director of Dubai Future Labs. He said technology is the key enabler. The most important aspect is the value that localised infrastructure can bring to the enterprise. We have created an AI ecosystem and a localised services stack to help organisations modernise their data. We must help organisations to prepare their data for AI by modernising and preparing the data.

“Organisations could modernise data. This is a bigger problem than AI. If you can solve that problem, AI is likely to have the best food in general and achieve the desired outcomes. “Each vertical has its own appetite. Be it banking, finance or healthcare. Education, government, or education. They all have their own mandates,” he said.

The UAE’s AI Programme at the state level is a sign of its commitment to the advancement of AI technology.

The summit, which was held in collaboration with Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism and Dubai Future Foundation on April 25, explored the current advances in AI, its applications and its future, both in the UAE and around the world.

The summit this year focused on the future of machine learning and computer vision with experts from the fields of 3D computer imaging, deep learning and generative AI.

The summit included a variety of presentations and panels from experts such as Hao Li, Assistant Professor at Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI, Marc Pollefeys Director of the Microsoft Mixed Reality and AI Lab and Professor at ETH Zurich, Philip Torr Professor, Oxford University, Chief Scientist at FiveAI, Bernard S. Ghanem Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Fernando de la Torre Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Serge Belongie Professor, University of Copenhagen, Daniel Cremers Professor, Technical University of Munich Technical University of

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