Journal of Judiciary and Law enriches the legal debate about AI-Based Systems and Metaverse

ABU DHABI 4th May 2023 (WAM), The Centre for Judicial Research and Studies of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has published the 12th edition of its Journal of Judiciary and Law. It features a series of studies and research that can enhance the current legal analyses and debates on the use of new technologies including artificial intelligence systems and Virtual Reality environments such as the Metaverse in order to devise solution to the possible problems that arise when using these systems in real life.

The latest issue of ‘Journal of Judiciary and Law,’ published in electronic form on the Judicial Department’s website, highlights the UAE’s keen interest in artificial-intelligence technologies. It is one of the first countries to adopt and develop systems based on scientific innovations with the goal of maximising future use of these technologies.

The magazine’s new issue also highlights the Judicial Department’s efforts to harness AI systems to deliver world class legal and judicial service, in line with His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s vision for the sustainable and modernisation development of Abu Dhabi’s judicial system to strengthen its competitiveness.

The judicial papers and research studies also focused on the use of smart programs in the judicial area in the age of the fourth Industrial Revolution, stressing that it is important to establish safeguards for their use, and to set up the technical mechanisms necessary to expand the scope of application of these innovations to a variety of judicial processes in order to achieve a completed justice and to settle cases quickly.

The journal’s new issue sheds light on the legal vision for the “Metaverse Environment”, which refers primarily to integrated digital platforms that use virtual and enhanced realities. It also examines the assumptions made regarding this environment, including the assumption that it can generate rights and obligations to contractors.

Ahlam Almazrooi/ Binsal Abdulkader

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