Family Media Forum promotes stability in families: Jawaher al Qasimi

SHARJAH, 3rd May, 2023 (WAM) — H.H. Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi is the wife of H.H. The Ruler of Sharjah, who is also the Chairperson of SCFA and the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, highlighted the importance of the proposals of the third Family Media Forum.

She hoped these recommendations would be implemented to the benefit of society and give future generations a chance to defend themselves from any threats that might threaten them, their families, or their neighbourhood. The growing threats that threaten families and the ability of people to thrive.

Sheikha Jawaher stated that the Family Media Forum was held at a time of increasing threats to family stability for various reasons. She added, “This is particularly true, given the challenging challenges we face through different media channels which force us to confront cultural and religious challenges, as well as social and national challenges.”

She added, “With this advancement in culture, artificial intelligent starts to pursue projects that put the people in the forefront and focus on their thoughts and cultures, their health, well-being and their future, including but not limited, to the fields of education and healthcare, as well as the use of virtual assistance in the home or workplace. What will AI make him? Will his mental health issues be solved?”

Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed AlQasimi said, “We’re still discussing digital media and their influence on family values and safety, which is an important and feasible subject that requires exchanging perspectives and thoughts in order to protect this entity from permanent collapse.” According to a report presented at the forum, 64 per cent of divorces between spouses younger than 25 years old occur in Sharjah. Do we think that AI can help to improve the situation, not just in Sharjah or the UAE, but also across the Arab World? As intelligence takes us into an unknown future, the risks are growing. The intelligence is leading us to a future of unexplored possibilities. These breakthroughs are already beginning to appear. It’s great that they can help families and communities but will they maintain moral standards as well? There will be space for education, for promoting healthy behaviors and a feeling of belonging, for loving and respecting each other despite our differences. Will there also be room to honour parents, respect the elderly, care for children, meet the needs of youth for attention? Will it achieve that goal? It is a concern for the financial stability of the family if virtual characters controlled by AI take over the job.

She continued, “These questions are what we expect for the future. We still value the beauty of certain ideals in our culture and try to raise our children to be like them. We will continue this pursuit despite the many challenges we face and the responsibility of the family. We depend on media influencers to raise awareness and invest their media presence in order to achieve stability and better psychological, economic, and social safety. This is where media’s “digital and conventional” means come into play. Informing individuals, families and society about all the new technologies and seeking professional support in leading the best ways to cope with artificial intelligent.

We thank the brothers who took part in the forum, for their ideas and opinions that were characterized by a sense of responsibility towards the society. You continue the journey of intellectual and behavioral growth that will allow successive generations to rid themselves, their family, and their community of any possible threat. We also want to express our gratitude to the team that has been instrumental in this forum’s success and development. We expect that these suggestions will also be implemented in a manner that benefits the society as a whole,” H.H. Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed concluded.

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