EAD launches Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Environmental Award

ABU DHABI. 3rd MAY 2023. The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), announced the launch the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Environmental Award.

The award was created to promote environmental initiatives, increase interest in environmental work and help bring about positive changes. It also aims to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development goals.

The award’s first edition includes three categories, each with six subcategories. Nominees from Abu Dhabi are eligible for all of them.

The Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Environmental Medal is the first major category. It will be presented to individuals who have excelled in environmental work.

This main category includes three subcategories. These are: ‘environmental initiators (individual initiatives)’, ‘environmental influences’, and ‘optimal users of natural resources’.

Environmental Research Award is the second main category. It focuses on innovative and practical scientific and technological solutions to environmental challenges and problems, whether they are current or future. This category has two sub-categories, namely’research institution and environmental researcher’.

The Environmental Performance Award is the third main category. It focuses on best practices and pioneering activities in environmental and sustainable development for industrial facilities and private institutions. This category has a sub-category that targets large companies, industrial facilities, aviation, and other sectors.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Ruler’s representative in Al Dhafra Region, and Chairman of the EAD Board of Directors. He said: “The UAE’s eagerness to protect the environmental represents an original tendency stemming its belief that the environment was important in achieving sustainable growth. This began many years ago and has grown every day, thanks to the attention given by the wise leadership which laid the foundations of this trend, the late Sheikh Zayed.

Sheikh Hamdan said that the award is an opportunity to honor individuals and organizations that have worked diligently to preserve and protect the environment, and to encourage them to excel and present innovative ideas for protecting the environment.

In addition, it is important to support scientists and experts in finding innovative and effective solutions to environmental problems in light of global challenges. It is important to make continuous, integrated efforts in order to find innovative, scientific and practical solutions that will help protect the natural resources and environment.

His Highness said that the launch of this award is in line with the vision of the President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who declared 2023 to be the “Year of Sustainability”, in the UAE. The theme for the year will be “Today for Tomorrow”.

The theme is in line with EAD’s goals of leading and creating the future for a positive change in the environment.

Dr. Shaikha Al Dhaheri said that the award is a framework for motivating interest in environmental work, and environmental initiatives. This will help to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. The award will also help to drive positive changes in environmental compliance in order to protect and preserve the entire environment.

She said that the award would also increase competition between entities, improve their environmental performance and enhance their environmentally-friendly credentials. The award will also increase awareness about industrial pollution and the importance to preserve resources, and it will adopt innovative scientific solutions and practical solutions in order to address current and future challenges related with environmental issues.

The award shows the importance His Highness places on the environment, and confirms that he is keen to honor distinguished individuals and organizations. The award also shows His Highness’ commitment to a positive culture of competition in order to achieve environmental sustainability, honour efforts to tackle environmental challenges, and promote environmental sustainability,” Dr. Al Dhaheri said.

Environmental Diagnostic Tool was created as a result of collaborating with EFQM, a company that has extensive experience in developing diagnostic tools.

Russell Longmuir said that EFQM was “extremely honoured and thrilled to work with EAD on creating this prestigious Award.” EFQM, a global organisation that has been helping organisations focus on the impact they have on society, sustainability, and the environment for more than 30 year, encourages them to do so through its EFQM Model, and suite of assessment tools.

Isra’a Mohammed, EFQM Middle East Director, stated, “Launching the award with EAD confirmed EFQM’s commitment to create a better tomorrow for all.” We are proud to support His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s vision of 2023 as the Year for Sustainability and to contribute to a global goal of preserving the environmental and achieving sustainable future. EFQM’s Management Model has been incorporating environmental principles for more than 30 years.

EAD will host workshops to raise awareness about the award. On 28th May, nominations and participation requests for the award will be open on the official EAD website. The nominees must fill out an eligibility form, after which they will be informed if they are eligible.

All those with expertise in environmental management are eligible to nominate themselves or submit a third-party entry. The Technical Committee of the Award evaluates researchers and research institutions, as well as private institutions and industrial establishments according to the criteria set forth by the Technical Committee.

The winners of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Environmental Medal will be announced during COP28. They will receive a financial award and a medal.

Individuals who receive the Environmental Scientific Research Award also receive a trophy as well as a financial award. The winning entities and institutions have the right, until the results of the following cycle are announced, to use the award logo in their publications, websites, and advertising campaigns.

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