Dubai Taxi adds 58 public schools, including 20k pupils to DTC School Bus app

DUBAI, May 2, 2023 (WAM). Dubai Taxi Corporation, a subsidiary to the Roads and Transport Authority, has begun the integration of more than 20,000 pupils from 58 government-run schools into the DTC School Bus Application. DTC is expanding its services throughout the entire emirate. Currently, DTC provides transportation services for approximately 800 routes with its school buses.

The School Bus App from DTC allows parents to register their children and track their buses as they travel to and from school. Parents receive instant notifications when their children arrive at home or school, as well as notifications in case of a traffic jam. It saves time because parents can notify the driver of the absence of their child. This allows the driver to continue on the route in a timely manner if there is any disruption.

Dubai Taxi Corporation wants to equip school buses with the latest technology, including surveillance systems that ensure no student is ever left behind and electronic tracking devices for buses and students. Al Meer explained that this approach adheres to the highest standards of safety and security.

The app allows the driver to track the technical details such as the number of kilometres traveled and contact the control center. The app also sends notifications when there is traffic congestion, a bus breakdown or if the time of the students getting on or off the bus changes. It notifies the control centre in any emergency situations. These measures are in accordance with Dubai’s surveillance system and the highest standards of safety and security.

DTC offers a variety of training programs to ensure that drivers are trained to drive safely and responsibly in accordance with RTA standards, which place utmost importance on the safety of their students.

Tariq Al Fahaam/ Muhammad Aamir

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