DEFEA will showcase EDGE’s advanced technologies and defence solutions

ABU DHABI (WAM), 3rd of May 2023 — EDGE will participate for the first-time at DEFEA 20, which will take place from 9th-11th May in Athens.

The group will present its diverse product range, with a focus on smart weapons and autonomous systems, highlighting EDGE’s technologically advanced products and defence solutions to the European market and new commercial and security partnership.

DEFEA 2023 is held under the auspices of Ministry of Defence – General Directorate for Defence Investments and Armaments. It covers the defence industry and the national security. The event is attended by international delegations, distinguished guests and government officials from Greece, Europe and the Balkans. Senior executives and high-ranking soldiers are also present.

Mansour alMulla, Managing director and CEO of EDGE said: “We are proud to be a part of DEFEA. EDGE’s focus is on Greece and Eastern Europe, which includes the government, military, and civil domains. DEFEA gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced capabilities in air, land and sea domains. We are looking forward to expanding on existing partnerships and forging new ones, while promoting the complementary products we offer to major players in the region.

Five of EDGE’s portfolio companies are exhibiting a range of innovative solutions and products in the areas of autonomous air-and-land systems, naval systems and precision guided munitions.

In the autonomous air systems domain, EDGE will display the HUNTER (Soldier Portable), HUNTER 2S (swarming UAV), and REACH-S (unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV)). Shadow 25 loitering munitions and the GARMOOSHA rotary wing UAV will be on display. Land Systems and Solutions will be represented by NIMR’s LRSOV special operations vehicle.

EDGE will have advanced naval capabilities, including the ADSB 160ITEP (Inshore Tactic Engagement Platform), the 120FIP (Fast Inshore Platform), the 510OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel), as well as the Sea Trooper (ideal landing craft vessel).

EDGE’s DESERT STING air-to surface precision-guided munitions will be on display, along with the Rash 1-M and Rash 2H precision-guided munitions systems.

EDGE will be displaying its CARACAL F handguns, CMP-9 submachine guns and assault rifles CAR 816 and CSR 338, as well as a complete range of small calibre ammo.

EDGE’s participation in the high-profile event comes after its successful participation in the LAAD Defence and Security exhibition 2023 in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, EDGE announced the opening a new regional offices for Latin America in Brasilia. This will allow EDGE the opportunity to expand their scope, form new partnerships and promote their unique and competitive offering across the continent.

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