Arab Travel Market is a key platform to promote tourism in Jordan, says the Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board

DUBAI, May 3, 2023 — Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat of the Jordan Tourism Board highlighted the country’s desire to be a major player at the Arabian Travel Market 2023. The board’s booth, which includes tourism offices, travel agents, and tourism service providers, will participate.

He said that the exhibition was a great opportunity to promote tourism in Jordan. “We are looking forward to the market of the UAE. It is a promising market, and Jordan is considered to be a top destination for Emiratis and Gulf families during the summer holidays, as well as medical tourism, adventure travel and other types of tourism.”

Jordanian tourism complements the UAE’s products, he said.

Arabiyat, in a statement issued to Emirates News Agency on the sidelines ATM 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (currently being held), said that the board has implemented a tourism marketing campaign in Jordan starting in Dubai. This leading Middle East tourism exhibition is a great place to showcase its latest tourism experiences and services.

He also stressed the importance of the board’s reputation with Gulf and Arab tourists, who make up 50 percent of all Jordanian tourists. He noted that the Jordan Tourism Board had signed a collaboration agreement with Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism in order to promote Jordan and Abu Dhabi together as tourist destinations.

He noted that meetings were held with other airlines such as Etihad, Emirates, and flydubai to develop joint marketing programs and activities. These programmes would attract tourists from far-flung countries such as Japan and South Korea to spend a few days in the UAE before moving on to Jordan. Emirati Airlines connects these countries, and has direct routes from and to Jordan. Jordan Tourism Board had previously signed an agreement similar to this with Emirates. It is now keen to strengthen its cooperation with Air Arabia which has offices in Jordan, operates seven flights weekly between Abu Dhabi and Amman and has been working to increase the number of flights.

The tourism indexes for Jordan in the first quarter were extremely positive. They showed a growth of 88 per cent compared to last year’s same period, and a 30 per cent increase from 2019. The first quarter of 2019 saw Jordan’s tourism revenues total US$1.7 billion. He anticipates an increase of 1.5 million visitors to Jordan by the end this year, particularly to Petra.

He attributed the increase in tourism to successful marketing and promotion campaigns conducted in several Arab and European nations. He expressed optimism that more visitors would be attracted and revenue generated from tourism will grow.

The Jordan Trail is the most popular tourism experience in Jordan. It stretches over 700 km and passes through 75 different villages, varying in terrain, climate, and landscape. From the forests of the north, to the Dead Sea resort, the largest in the world, it offers a wide range of experiences. The tourist destinations Wadi Rum and Petra, which are known for their diving, watersports and other local experiences such as spending an entire day in the Jordanian country, also attract large Gulf groups all year round.

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