ADAFSA presents Abu Dhabi’s animal welfare sector development at Middle East Poultry Expo

ABU DHABI (WAM), 3rd of May 2023 — The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority took part in Middle East Poultry Expo held in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) from the 1st through 3rd of May.

They wanted to show the progress they had made in achieving sustainable agriculture in Abu Dhabi, and also to highlight their role in improving food production and quality. This was done by showcasing ongoing research and projects. The researchers also wanted to identify the new challenges and opportunities in the poultry industry and learn from international expertise and experiences to help them achieve food and biosecurity.

Researchers from the Authority gave two papers at the conference that was held to coincide with the exhibition. Saeed Al Yamahi presented one of the papers. It discussed the adenovirus which infects broiler poultry. The paper discussed various detection and prevention methods as well as efforts made by Authority to eliminate virus and ensure biosecurity.

Mohammed Omar Barsheed from the Authority’s livestock sector presented a paper on the development and growth of poultry production and investment opportunities in the Emirate Abu Dhabi. He noted that there are 29 large commercial poultry farms in Abu Dhabi, in addition to 300 small farms.

The growing demand for chicken meat presents a great opportunity to expand this vital sector. It can also benefit from the excellent infrastructure and government support as well as the availability of experts in the poultry industry.

ADAFSA recognizes the Middle East Poultry Expo (MEPE) as one of most important exhibitions for the poultry industry. The Middle East Poultry Expo is a great opportunity to show off ADAFSA’s efforts in developing the livestock industry, and specifically the poultry production sector. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for producers to learn about innovative services that can improve their production efficiency and strengthen the biosecurity system.

ADAFSA, the government agency responsible for agriculture in Abu Dhabi and its related areas of food safety, biosecurity, and food security, is keen to attend exhibitions and conferences that are relevant to the area and role it plays. This participation allows ADAFSA promote its efforts to achieve sustainable agricultural development, enhance food production and improve quality while raising consciousness about its vital role in ensuring the biosecurity of the region.

ADAFSA aims at achieving several objectives through its participation in Middle East Poultry Expo. It aims to learn about the latest technologies, biosecurity measures and controls that are relevant to the Middle East poultry industry. ADAFSA also hopes to explore possible partnership and cooperation opportunities with other exhibitors at the exhibition. The exhibition also offers an opportunity to exchange information and promote scientific research on the subject, as well as allowing researchers and Authority cadres to benefit from the programme. The programme includes attending workshops and discussions, as well as participating in lectures and workshops. It also involves communicating with researchers and experts on the subject, learning from their opinions and experiences, and exchanging ideas.

ADAFSA’s main responsibility is to develop the agriculture and food sectors in Abu Dhabi in a way that is sustainable, and ensures the realization of Abu Dhabi’s Vision. It aims to improve food security and animal and plant health.

The authority is also responsible for food and biosecurity, agriculture and food safety in the Emirate Abu Dhabi. It has many tasks and responsibilities including formulating strategies and policies to increase food security.

ADAFSA also has the responsibility of issuing approvals and permits to activities related agriculture and food. It is also responsible for monitoring and inspecting farms and food establishments as well as agricultural production requirements and imported/exported agricultural and food materials. It also supervises the control of pesticide residues, veterinary medicine and agricultural production requirements under current legislation.

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