Emarat, Emirates Gas introduces new LPG cylinder sealings for safety

DUBAI, May 2, 2023, (WAM). — Emirates Gas, an ENOC Group subsidiary, has announced the launch of new LPG seals, in partnership with Emarat.

The valves of LPG cylinders sold in Dubai now feature a shrink-wrapped identification label in two unique colours: pink for Emirates Gas, and violet for Emarat.

The PVC seal has a variety of components including colour, material and placement of holograms, as well as a unique serial code, and features that prevent tampering.

To prevent unauthorised distribution, the updated seal has Emarat holograms on the violet seals, and Emirates Gas seals on the pink ones. Each seal is numbered horizontally, preventing the unauthorised transfer of LPG cylinders. The seal also comes with a hologram that can’t be copied or reused after it is unpacked. Emirates Gas and Emarat encourage their customers to check and confirm that the new seals are genuine.

Saif Humaid al Falasi, group CEO of ENOC said: “We put consumers’ safety and well-being at the center of our business and we continually take measures to improve safety and security standards.” We aim to reduce any risks or hazards by launching the new LPG seals.

Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi stated that “We are committed in upholding the highest standards of safety and security and providing partners with reliable and safe solutions.” The launch of these new LPG cylinder sealings will allow consumers to access premium products as we continue to position ourselves as the benchmark for quality and service within the LPG industry.

Emirates Gas and Emarat, as part of its ongoing efforts to combat unauthorised LPG distribution, urges customers to only buy from authorized distributors and to ask for a valid VAT bill in accordance with UAE government regulations.

LPG cylinders are hazardous and flammable. They require a thorough inspection and specialised testing before each filling. This is part of the standard safety practice of authorised LPG bottling companies to ensure customer safety.

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