DCD encourages Abu Dhabi’s social care professionals to get official licenses

ABU DHABI 1st MAY 2023 (WAM). The Department of Community Development has urged all social care professionals in the emirate to get a license to practice their profession. The DCD is responsible for regulating the social sectors in Abu Dhabi, in accordance to the laws of the emirate.

The department is working to regulate the sector of social care. The Department works to enforce the penalties for violators of licensing regulations, which are based on the Schedule of Administrative Violations & Fines for Social Care Professionals Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Saeed Mobarak bin Amaro, Manager, Social Control Division at DCD said: “Since the Department began licensing social care professionals, and adopted licensing standards, it has organized a number of awareness workshops to educate social care service providers on the role the Department plays in regulating and licensoring workers in the social care field.

As part of its support plan, it has developed professional diplomas with UAE University in order to qualify and improve the efficiency of professionals working in the social sector. The department also has competency tests that are available in multiple testing centers, both locally as well as globally. It has also automated the licensing procedures that are submitted via the ‘Tamm platform’, the official electronic platform of Abu Dhabi government services.”

He added that the Department’s eagerness to implement administrative penalties will help organise social care services and ensure that they are of high quality and provided by professionals licensed according to the approved standards. It will also ensure that the social care sector develops based on high professional standards, efficiency, and ethical practices.

The Department of Social Services licenses five categories of social care professionals: social worker (also known as a social worker), psychotherapist (also called a psychotherapist), applied behavior analyst (also known as ABA), psychologist and counselor. Each category has its own specializations, which are specified in accordance with the standards.

The DCD has begun working on a project to license social care professionals by the end of 2020. This will ensure that social care professionals are properly coordinated and their commitment to provide the highest quality service is monitored, in compliance with laws and in collaboration with relevant authorities.

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