UAE Government shares its experience in developing digital infrastructure and improving skills

DUBAI, May 1, 2023 (WAM). Saqr Binghalib, Director of the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office, confirmed that the UAE Government prioritizes the advancement and development of digital talent in order to build a future, to develop a strong digital infrastructure, to foster an economic system based on technological innovations, and to strengthen the UAE’s leadership position in promising fields.

The UAE Government’s Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications Office participated in the second G20 Digital Economy Working Group Meeting alongside some of the largest economies of the world. The UAE is participating in the G20 as a guest nation in Hyderabad, India under the Indian G20 presidency.

Binghalib stated that “the UAE has provided citizens with access to the Internet and digital platforms, such as the Digital Identity Application and Banking Services Applications, in the majority of locations connected by high-speed fibre, improving the quality of life and building UAE’s digital Infrastructure.”

Binghalib acknowledged that the Republic of India was responsible for organizing the Digital Economy Working Group, which focused on global digital economy issues.

The working group discussions were also enriched by the contributions of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, the private sector and academia.

The session covered a number of topics including digital skills, digital infrastructure, security in the domain of digital, global successes in the digital sector, and the role that digital infrastructure plays in supporting digital transformation through leveraging global success. The UAE has shared their experience of developing a strong digital infrastructure, based on various strategies and frameworks. This led them to rank first in the entire world for the number internet users and wireless subscriptions.

The UAE is currently a guest nation during India’s G20 presidency. They also participated in G20 meeting during Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022, and the Kingdom’s G20 presidency in 2020. The UAE hopes to enhance cooperation across a wide range of areas through its participation. These include the digital economy, G20 priorities, and contemporary global challenges.

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